Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Autumn Arises


The months we rely on for a spot of sunshine in the UK are almost over, so I say let us not waste time mourning how measly our dosage was this year but let us look forward to my favourite season both in nature and fashion; Autumn!

Having acknowledged what has already arisen as the winter trends, be it 40s, more androgyny, layering, or a hint at bridal, I have created 3 day to night looks within a capsule(ish) wardrobe. I used www.net-a-porter.com as my dressing up box which means for me, at least, the looks are somewhat unobtainable. However I find beginning shopping decisions with collages or by creating outfits helps refine my choices so that when I do hit the stores I am not tempted by peculiar beauties that do not fit into my scheme of looks. Although I am by no means suggesting that I am so godly that I always manage to resist such temptations.


Acne blacksweet belted wool-blend blazer £340Acne leather skinny pants £930Lanvin chinese lame T-shirt £785Jimmy Choo kudos embroidered mesh boots £1,095James Perse cotton-jersey racer-back tank £80Jimmy Choo youth leather biker boots £565Donna Karan Casual Luxe knitted merino wool and cashmere-blend sweater £1,235

This look is a combination of rock’n’roll and comfort. Looking at the pieces individually I have combined autumnal colours with the layering of different textures to achieve a glossy-grunge outfit. For the evening the Lanvin Chinese lame t-shirt’s metallic colour nods to nature but also evokes a sense of glamour because of the lame texture and metallic hue. Combined with Acne’s leather trousers I deliberately chose a looser top so as not to let the look of leather trousers become trampy. The thick blazer is perfect to keep you warm between the restaurant and the bar and hints at the androgynous theme that has crept up on the cat walks yet again. A new decade to emulate has come about which is 40s therefore the lace of the Jimmy Choo Kudos embroided mesh boots was a perfect compliment to an accessible but fashion forward look.

Interestingly the footwear I’ve chosen for this day time ensemble are also by the genius fashion house that is Jimmy Choo. These biker boots are my number one priority because they instantly add interest to the simplest of looks. I reckon they alone would carry me through the winter months both literally and metaphorically in a fashion sense. When biker boots first hit the stores many years ago I bought 2 pairs off the  high-street. One pair died after 2 winters, while the others from “Bertie” at Topshop’s flagship store have lasted me nearly 5 years now but they aren’t of the calibre of Choo’s slouchy version that I crave. An investment worth pursuing I feel. To keep the autumnal tone of the look this burgundy hue of the tank top is appropriate both in its cut and colour. And finally for comfort, warmth, and luxury glamour Donna Karan’s Casual Luxe knitted merino wool and cashmere-blend sweater is perfect. This look is by no means too structured but youthful and fashion forward without copying exact looks from the catwalk. It is realistic. After all the real trend to follow in 2011 is that of buying timeless personal pieces that aren’t overtly trend specific and will therefore last!

Lanvin crepe-front silk-chiffon blouse £1,515Burberry Brit wool and cashmere-blend £295Nina Ricci boucle silk-blend skirt £1,140MiuMiu swarovski crystal glitter-finish ballerina flats £400Christian Louboutin big dorcet 120 textured-leather pumps £635Rosamosario lace and stretch-mesh corset £360

My second look here is particularly transitional regarding trends from the Summer moving into trends for Winter. I’ve chosen a hot pink Nina Ricci boucle silk-blend skirt that by its colour is part of the ever popular colour blocking trend. However I’ve kept the look smart by teaming it with a Lanvin shirt and studious jumper by Burberry Brit. The three items together have an essence of 50s I feel, which has been revived by the popularity of cult show “Mad Men”. The look is quite full on because of the size, density and colour of the skirt so I have opted for sweet and chic MiuMiu pumps to keep it simple and not too much! For evening it needs that extra spice, so opting for the Roasmosario lace and stretch-mesh corset will create a feminine silhouette. Again there’s a risk of becoming too busy or overly “matchy-matchy” which is why I’ve gone for nude shoes that’s excitement is present through the interesting texture. Appropriate for work this day time look is easily transformed into an innovative yet classically sexy evening outfit.

Lanvin crepe-front silk-chiffon blouse £1,515MiuMiu swarovski crystal glitter-finish ballerina flats £400Etro Natalie wool-blend jacquard skirtLanvin metallic boucle jacket £1,915Stella McCartney josephine marrying satin corset £185Jimmy Choo kudos embroidered mesh boots £1,095

Finally we have a wonderfully wintery metallic and texturally inspired look. This excites me because of the divine proportions of the Etro Natalie wool-blend skirt. Its A-line cut is so flattering and even better because the wide hem will emphasise the cinched in waist creating a feminine figure. For a smart grown up look I have re-used the well executed Lanvin shirt. Teamed with the Lanvin metallic boucle jacket we are incorporating the luxury baroque trend that is so appropriate for the winter. With all the royal hype of 2011 why not add a sense of majesty with thick wondrous materials. These MiuMiu bejewelled pumps go perfectly! I suggest some thick black tights or even dark grey ones for the cool winds our Autumnal months offer. For night time this ivory Stella McCartney corset compliments the skirt so perfectly, again emphasising and enhancing a stunning figure. It is appropriately named the Josephine marrying satin corset to go with my royal theme for this outfit, having had a royal wedding this year too! I have repeated the lace shoes to make it modern and the cut of this shoe-boot is do-able because of the a-line skirt. Ending at this point on the bottom of one’s calf is riskily unflattering but teamed with the skirt the proportions and height of the heel will keep your pins looking long and slim!

I personally love dressing in the Autumn as it’s cold enough to wear more items and show off your excellent taste, but not too cold that it has to be hidden by 1 huge enormous sheepskin coat to prevent pneumonia!

Acne black sweet belted wool-blend blazer £340
Acne leather skinny pants £930
Burberry Brit wool and cashmere-blend £295
Christian Louboutin big forcet 120 textured leather pumps £635
Donna Karan Casual Luxe knitted merino wool and cashmere-blend sweater £1,235
Etro Natalie wool-blend jacquard skirt £460
James Perse cotton-jersey racer-back tank £80
Jimmy Choo kudos embroidered mesh booths £1095
Jimmy Choo youth leather biker boots £565
Lanvin Chinese lame T-shirt £785
Lanvin crepe-front silk-chiffon blouse £1,515
Lanvin metallic boucle jacket £1,915
MiuMiu Swarovski crystal glitter-finish ballerina flats £400
Nina Ricci boucle silk-blend skirt £1,140
Rosamosario lace and stretch-mesh corset £360
Stella McCartney Josephine marrying satin corset £185

All available on www.net-a-porter.com

Friday, 14 January 2011

Seasonal Updates

The Seventies

Being born in 1990 sets me at a certain disadvantage for background knowledge when looking at the revived Seventies look for 2011. However I’ve done my research and am now thinking that having not lived through it the first time allows me to automatically add a modern stamp to the 4 decades old look.

The designers have encourporated this Seventies revival in almost all of the cruise collections and spring/summer collections. However there are a variety of elements that can give your look a Seventies touch. My understanding is that in the early 1970s the hippy look was still reigning strong from the Sixties. In 1976 YSL created the designer “peasant look”. This includes off the shoulder tops, maxi dresses and skirts, floral prints, silk scarves and the infamous big brimmed hats. Amazing how then they were the finds of thrift stores and now Missoni is donning them on the catwalk! No matter when we were born we can all appreciate that one look never lasts a full ten years so just as it does now the fashion of the Seventies evolved throughout the decade. Cleaner lines began to dominate as the men wore three-piece suits á la John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”. And so enter the flares. Teamed with the, then innovative, strap top, tube top, crop top, sheer top, the flare was the essential leg shape. Today we have fantastic tailoring readily accessible. Topshop provide excellent examples of this in not just black and denim but lovely rust colours which I personally am thoroughly enjoying. Or look deeper in your purse and find exquisite designer pieces such as these high wasted bell flared jeans by Current/Elliot for £170. The colour of denim I’ve chosen here is dark enough to look chic with a range of styles on top. Lighter shades risk looking cheap, unflattering and as though you really think it still is the Seventies!

The beautiful models that exhibited these looks the first time round were Lauren Hutton, Margaux Hemmingway, Cia Carangi, Janice Dickenson, Cheryl Tiegs and Jerry Hall. Although not all of them still with us, seeing where some of the faces we still see around today all started it’s easy to understand what a fun era this time was which I think is important to reflect in your outfit when emulating this decade. The most prominent fashionista was Bianca Jagger. Her own beauty I cannot reveal any tricks for, unfortunately, however her outfits in the said decade can be linked to what Biba’s revival provides us with today (available at House of Fraser). Speaking of houses, House of Harlow, Nicole Richie’s Jewelry line, has excellent and stunning necklaces, rings and bangles which perfectly compliment any modern Seventies inspired look. House of Harlow is available at http://www.mywardrobe.com/

So what can you find in today’s stores to take you back to the disco-lovin’ era? Chanel is ripe with sheer blouses and even dresses and skirts. A simple turban could do it. Jumpsuits have been blowing us away for well over a year now and I urge you to go for it. I have a one shouldered pleated sleeve, flared trouser black jumpsuit just from Topshop which I adore. I feel perfectly comfortable in it and somewhat smug against the array of obvious mini-dresses still stomping the clubs! Team your jumpsuit, loon pants, and maxi dresses with a skinny belt. If you can find a long one wrap it around a couple of times! Embrace tassels (not fringing) and jump up onto your platforms. Big earrings are a must á la Rachel Zoe but enjoy a modern version of Farrah Fawcett’s flicks to keep your look modern.

With the weather jumping up to a shocking thirteen degrees it’s definitely time to start lusting over your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Although to keep you warm until it is actually warm add a faux-fur coat or blazer to keep in the theme. Despite not knowing about this decade first hand, it’s one I am utterly certain I will enjoy reinventing! Now… I must go and watch Charlie’s Angels (the original)!